Running an Effective School-Based ABA Program

Center-based services are great for early intervention. However, once children outgrow the need for center-based services they may still need support within their school system. Running a school-based program that is effective and efficient is not an easy task. This is why our team of experts has worked together to compile this informational guide that discussed the necessary components of an ABA program. Each component must be fully developed and managed, and must compliment the efforts of the other components. Read more:
 Portrait of smiling little school kids in school corridorPortrait of smiling little school kids in school corridor

Here at Constellations Behavioral Services, everything we do is based on Applied Behavior Analysis or ‘ABA’ for short. ABA is the science of applying experimentally based principles to improve social behaviors. Those behaviors are defined in observable and measurable terms – with data-driven methods being deployed to demonstrate accountability.

Through focused, purposeful repetition and reinforcement of individually-tailored goals – ABA helps make the neurological connection for the learner – allowing them to create new pathways for better communication, enhanced play skills, and improved social interaction. Because the spectrum of autism and other developmental delays is extremely large, each program is created to specifically fit the needs of each, individual learner.

So what does all this mean to you?

As behavior analysts, ABA allows us to use hard data – proof, if you will – to determine the kind of therapy your child needs. It helps tell us how your child is progressing, which areas are in need of further development and allows us to definitively identify areas where we might need to change course. We also use the data to help provide you with the tools you’ll need in order to reinforce the therapy in outside environments and better manage their behavior.

To learn more about how ABA can benefit your child, be sure to check out our “How ABA Can Help” page by clicking here. If you’d like to set up an appointment or schedule an assessment, give us a call at (800) 778-5560 today or contact us via our online contact form by going here.

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