Fostering Your Child's Independence: Using Applied Behavior Analysis

Danielle Tibert, M.Ed., BCBA

Decreasing Reliance on YOU! 

Feeling like your child needs you every waking moment of their day? You are not alone! Here are some tried and true ways to support their independence so that you can take that much-needed breather, while also setting them up to be their most productive, go-getter selves!

Capture1. Visual Schedules/lists - using an age appropriate visual tool to outline each day’s activities will support a transition away from needing adult support.
2. Timers - providing a visual countdown of elapsed time, or time left in an activity lessens the need to ask you, “how much longer?” on repeat.

3. Prescheduled Check-ins - determining how long your child can sustain a task, and then checking-in with them right before they typically need you will reinforce independence versus seeking support from you.

4. Activity Schedules - combining several easy tasks that your child can do independently into a schedule (for example, snack, puzzle, book, iPad) will structure independent time and allow you to increase the duration of engagement by adding on activities. 

5. Acknowledgement of self initiation - making an effort to praise, engage, or 
otherwise acknowledge when your child is working independently will build motivation to keep it up!
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