Giving Thanks



Constellations Behavioral Services' staff shares what they are most thankful for this holiday season! 

Being EFFECTIVE: 3 Ways to Increase Treatment Fidelity in Educational Settings



​Treatment integrity refers to the degree to which treatments are implemented as planned, designed, or intended, and is concerned with the accuracy and consistency with which interventions are implemented. The appropriate implementation of treatments within the school setting can greatly impact student outcomes and progress over time. Educational and behavioral consultants work closely with school teams to ensure they have the support and training they need in order to provide effective evidenced based treatments for their students. Below you will find 3 ways in which school teams can increase their ability to implement treatment plans and guarantee success for their students over time: 

Happy Fall! Family Fun Edition



With school back in full swing and fall weather setting in, there are so many family-friendly activities in NH to take advantage of! From apple and pumpkin picking, to fairs and leaf peeping, here are some tips and tricks for ensuring the entire family enjoys all that NH has to offer this fall!

Importance of Ongoing Training and Skills Development in Special Education Workers in Public Schools:



​To gain employment as a paraprofessional in a New Hampshire public school, a person must have a high school diploma, or equivalent certificate, and a clean criminal records check. Paraprofessionals are staff members who work directly with students with special learning and behavioral needs, often with more direct contact hours than any other school staff member. While the specific education requirements of the paraprofessional are minimal, they are charged with a multitude of responsibilities. No two paraprofessional’s days would look the same, as the level of care, oversight and support varies on an individual basis per the students’ needs.  

CBS' Family Friendly Summer Bucket List



Looking to soak up some rays or just beat the heat with your kids this summer?  Check out our Summer Bucket List for families with children who have specific interests and needs!!! We hope you enjoy these activities and the rest of this fun summer!

Top 5 Workshops of 2018-2019



After surveying many professional Behavior Analysts and school personnel, we have put together the Top 5 Professional Development Workshops for the 2018 Summer and 2018-2019 School Year! To learn more about our on-site workshops, check out our page!  ​

Summer Celebrations!



As we enter into summer, we realize families are faced with varied schedules, camps, BBQs, trips, hot temperatures, and lots of swimming! While these things all sound nice to many of us, it is crucial to understand that children with autism can often struggle when faced with breaks or inconsistencies in routines, chaotic or busy environments, cookouts in which their preferred foods may not be options, weather that they struggle to regulate or communicate overheating, and requests to get out of the pool or lake at times that cause tantrums and frustrations. This is not reason to avoid all summer activity though! It is crucial to expose children to these types of experiences to desensitize them to these various circumstances, help them learn to regulate and communicate when it’s most meaningful, and also to expose them to experiences that lead to richer social opportunities and language development in the long term. That said, there are quick tips to help ease these potentially hard experiences at first:

The Magic of Words: A Look at Speech Language Pathology at CBS in Honor of Better Hearing and Speech Month



​                                         “Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic,”                                                                                       - Albus Dumbledore   Of all the quotes referring to the power of communication, this one speaks to my heart. As a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), I get to see the wonder in a child’s eye when we play with a new toy or share an experience outside. I get to hear the joy in a parent’s voice when they tell me about the first time their child said, “I love you,” or even when that same child won’t quiet down when it’s time for bed. What I do isn't magic, but their words are and I’m lucky enough to get to help them create their own form of magic.

The Earlier the Better! Why Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention Matters and How CBS Addresses It:



As many parents hear upon diagnosis and the onset of treatment, an early intensive behavioral model, involves a full time, busy schedule, but for a reason. This model has been the only model proven to gain not only short term, but long-term goals. These goals allow children to best transition into inclusive classrooms with greater success as they fill in those gaps in their early learning profile. Here at CBS, we want to ensure that families can commit, appreciate, and understand the purpose behind these hours and the importance of consistency and regular participation in these early and crucial years. Our ultimate goal is that every child can:   Learn Communicate Participate…

Grand Opening! Early Intensive Learning Center



Constellations is growing…all the way to Danvers, MA! We are delighted to announce that we will be expanding into Massachusetts! We are eager to be providing services for MA clients, as well as collaborating with the local ABA field to make extraordinary change in people’s lives. We are excited to invite you to the grand opening of our Early Intensive Learning Center on Saturday, April 7th, 2018 from 10am-1pm at 100B Newbury Street Danvers, MA.