Happy Fall! Family Fun Edition



With school back in full swing and fall weather setting in, there are so many family-friendly activities in NH to take advantage of! From apple and pumpkin picking, to fairs and leaf peeping, here are some tips and tricks for ensuring the entire family enjoys all that NH has to offer this fall!

Importance of Ongoing Training and Skills Development in Special Education Workers in Public Schools:



​To gain employment as a paraprofessional in a New Hampshire public school, a person must have a high school diploma, or equivalent certificate, and a clean criminal records check. Paraprofessionals are staff members who work directly with students with special learning and behavioral needs, often with more direct contact hours than any other school staff member. While the specific education requirements of the paraprofessional are minimal, they are charged with a multitude of responsibilities. No two paraprofessional’s days would look the same, as the level of care, oversight and support varies on an individual basis per the students’ needs.