Summer Celebrations!



As we enter into summer, we realize families are faced with varied schedules, camps, BBQs, trips, hot temperatures, and lots of swimming! While these things all sound nice to many of us, it is crucial to understand that children with autism can often struggle when faced with breaks or inconsistencies in routines, chaotic or busy environments, cookouts in which their preferred foods may not be options, weather that they struggle to regulate or communicate overheating, and requests to get out of the pool or lake at times that cause tantrums and frustrations. This is not reason to avoid all summer activity though! It is crucial to expose children to these types of experiences to desensitize them to these various circumstances, help them learn to regulate and communicate when it’s most meaningful, and also to expose them to experiences that lead to richer social opportunities and language development in the long term. That said, there are quick tips to help ease these potentially hard experiences at first: