Why Join NHABA?



We are very proud of our young state chapter! ​ After only a few short years, the founding president, Thea Davis and the current president, Kim Kelly, alongside their chapter team, have brought NH into the forefront for the New England area! With sold out conferences and seminal speakers, NHABA now has the foundation to spring off into more ventures. One key driving force is to legitimize ABA throughout the state and allow for a movement towards licensure. Now that this field has grown to this extent, and with so many providers, it is in our best interest, as well as the interest of our consumers, that we regulate our practitioners and practice. Additionally, the chapter offers a great opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, receive up-to-date information in our field, and receive free CEUs. With a strong state chapter, we are able to impact change towards more evidence-based practice. We are encouraging participation from BCaBAs, BCBAs, BCBA-D’s, educators, and those motivated to support these changes!   Constellations Behavioral Services will be hosting tonight’s NHABA meeting at our new Barrington, NH location. We are excited to connect with our ABA community!