Medicaid to Schools Program in NH



Summer is coming to a close and soon the school year will be in full swing. A new school year means new opportunities and new challenges. If you have a child who has a learning disability or behavioral challenges, then you recognize the stress that can come along with a new school year. Before the halls are full of the hustle and bustle of students, I’d like to take a few minutes to review New Hampshire’s Medicaid to Schools Program and provide some resources for school districts and SAUs that are currently receiving or are interested in receiving Medicaid reimbursement for behavior analytic services.  

Best Practice for Back to School



As a parent, you want the new school year for your child to kick off with success. But if your child has autism or other developmental delays, this is not always so easy. Here is behaviorist’s spin on one of the most common and crucial tips for setting your child up for success. In cross-comparing the many lists of suggestions, some appear very frequently such as setting kids sleep schedules back, making time for homework/reading each day and creating concrete rules about screen time. However, there is one tip that appears across every single list I have found.