5 Snow Day Activities that are Fun and OT Approved



Fun with a Blanket 1.  Build a fort What you need: blanket and sturdy table How you can do: put blanket on table and crawl under Why it is beneficial: promotes imagination and proprioceptive input (body awareness) from crawling 2.  Make a hammock What you need: blanket and 2 adults How you can do: each adult hold an edge and have the child sit or lay on the blanket as you rock it back and forth Why it is beneficial: provides deep tactile input from the hammock and vestibular input (balance) from rocking 3.  Ride a sled What you need: blanket, adult, and non-rug surface How you can do: have the child get situated on the blanket and pull the edge of the blanket, alternating fast and slow Why it is beneficial:  promotes core strength and balance to remain on the blanket and vestibular input from moving fast and slow 4.  Roll up like a hot dog What you need: blanket and child How you can do:  position your child on the edge of the blanket and assist them in rolling up in the blanket and then pretending to add some catsup, mustard and maybe even relish Why it is beneficial: provides deep pressure tactile input, promotes bilateral integration (helping the 2 sides of your body coordinate together by rolling), and encourages imaginative play 5.  Have a picnic What you need:  blanket and real or pretend food How you can do:  spread out the blanket on the floor in your home with real or pretend food Why it is beneficial:  promotes eating flexibility and socialization Enjoy! ~Deb Guarino, OTR/L